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Find Our Chiropractor near Upper Saddle River

If you are looking for a chiropractic clinic near Upper Saddle River you should choose Askenas Chiropractic. Askenas Chiropractic is conveniently located in Pearl River to serve many nearby communities including Woodcliff Lake, Blauvelt, Montvale, and Tappan.

man with lower back pain is being treated by a Upper Saddle River chiropractor

Our Upper Saddle River Chiropractor

With a quarter century of experience and active chiropractic licenses in both New York and New Jersey our chiropractor, Dr. Todd Askenas is well equipped to help you with a variety of ailments. He holds several certifications including Active Release Techniques (ART) certification for the spine, upper extremities, lower extremities, full body, and long tract nerve entrapments. He is currently the only chiropractor in Rockland County who has these ART certifications, which is considered the "gold standard" in treating soft tissue injuries.

His practice also utilizes treatment methods such as:

• Decompression therapy

• Laser therapy

• Flexion/Distraction therapy

• Physical Therapy

• Pain management

• Custom orthotics

Besides serving as our chiropractor near Upper Saddle River, Dr. Askenas has also served on the medical staff for the PGA and other major sporting events. A large part of the practice is dedicated to patient education in order to help them learn how to maintain their own bodies and limit re-injury as much as possible.

Getting to Our Chiropractic Clinic from Upper Saddle River

Askenas Chiropractic is not far from Upper Saddle River. In fact, it takes little more than 10 minutes to drive there, to the corner of Main St. and Jefferson in Pearl River. Patients can experience a nearly straight shot to our chiropractor by traveling on Lake St, W. Grand Ave, Summit Ave, and Washington Ave to get to the chiropractic clinic from Upper Saddle River and most find the journey well worth their while. 

If you've been experiencing pain or discomfort and want to receive chiropractic care in Rockford County or any nearby community, contact Askenas Chiropractic at (845) 735-3737 to schedule an appointment,


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