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Sciatica: Do You Have It? Are You at Risk?

Do you have pain in your lower back and leg? It could be sciatica. This common condition involves a pinched nerve in the lower back. Most people feel the pain of the pinched sciatic nerve in their low back, buttock, and thigh; in some more severe cases, the pain from the pinched nerve can be felt all the way down in the foot. We treat many cases of sciatic nerve pain at Askenas Chiropractic in Pearl River, and we've put together a few pointers for knowing whether you're at risk and recognizing the condition if you have it.

man grabbing his leg due to sciatic pain

Could You Have Sciatica? 

Sciatica is characterized by a burning, shooting, or tingling pain in one leg. You may also feel the pain in your back, hip, or foot. The condition usually affects only one side of the lower body. Your sciatic nerve pain may be mild and intermittent, or it could be severe enough to make movement difficult or impossible. 

If you think you may have this condition, it's important to get a diagnosis so you can find the appropriate treatment. See your primary care provider if you are experiencing persistent leg and back pain, or visit a chiropractor to find out if a problem with your spine could be at the root of your pain. 

Risk Factors for Developing Sciatica

Because sciatica is simply the compression and irritation of the sciatic nerve in the lower back, anybody can get it. However, some people are more vulnerable to the condition than others. Some of the factors that increase your risk include:

  • Age. People between the ages of 30 and 50 are most likely to have problems with their sciatic nerve.
  • Working a demanding job. If you have a physical job, you're more likely to injure your lower back and end up with a pinched nerve.
  • Working a sedentary job. On the flip side, sitting down at a desk all day can also lead to poor posture, low back pain, and pinched nerves.
  • Being overweight. If you are overweight, you are more likely to experience issues with your spine, including compressed nerves.
  • Diabetic status. Diabetes can damage your nerves, leading to sciatic pain. 

Relief from Sciatic Nerve Pain Could Be Just a Visit to the Chiropractor Away

You don't have to live with the pain of sciatica forever. In fact, getting some relief might be simpler than you think. Chiropractic adjustments can ease your pain by straightening out any vertebrae that are pressing on your sciatic nerve. If you live in the Pearl River area and you're interested in managing your sciatic nerve pain naturally, call us at Askenas Chiropractic for an appointment today. 


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