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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Pearl River
at Askenas Chiropractic

Do you require injury treatment from a professional physical therapist in Pearl River? If so, you need to see Dr. Justin Balavram, who has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Buffalo. Dr. Justin has been treating patients with excellent results in our state-of-the-art physical therapy suite at our Pearl River Office. His goal is to help bring relief to people as soon as possible and teach them to maintain their improved wellness, going forward. Dr. Justin is skilled at working with all different types of orthopedic conditions to insure his patients achieve their best recovery possible.

What Is Involved in Physical Therapy?

If you’ve never experienced physical therapy before, it’s important to know that this is a form of health care where professionals evaluate, diagnose and then come up with an individualized treatment plan for a number of musculoskeletal system problems.

Our goal is to restore you to functional independence, with less pain and improved health and wellbeing. People who have been in accidents or who need to recuperate from a medical procedure or a whole host of injuries can benefit from comprehensive physical therapy.

There are different approaches to physical therapy for patients needing sports physical therapy or orthopedic physical therapy, and each patient will have a special treatment program for his or her particular situation.

What to Expect From Your Physical Therapist in Pearl River

Physical therapy, in conjunction with chiropractic care, is the preferred method of treatment for a range of conditions such as sports injuries, car accidents, work injuries, whiplash, sciatica, herniated disks and post surgical rehabilitation.

You’ll start your appointment with an in-depth consultation with your Physical Therapist in Rockland County to determine what needs to be done to bring you pain relief, such as severe back pain or neck pain that home treatments have not been able to quell.

Next, special exercises may be called for, such as to assist you in improving your balance, muscle tone and range of motion. If your injury has prevented you from lifting your arm over your head or from extending your leg, for example, the physical therapist can help you with a specific exercise prescription.

Whatever condition has prompted you to seek relief through physical therapy, you can rest assured that our team will devise a treatment plan that will have you feeling better soon.

Set an Appointment at Your Physical Therapist in Pearl River NY

Don't delay!  Get the treatment your aching body needs from a chiropractor and physical therapist in Pearl River NY. Before you know it, your back pain will be a thing of the past, and any neck pain you’ve experienced will have melted away.

If you would like more details on the physical therapy in Pearl River that we provide or would like to get started with an appointment with your preferred chiropractor in Pearl River, please connect with Askenas Chiropractic today.


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