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Welcome to Askenas Chiropractic: Your Chiropractor in Pearl River, NY

Welcome to Askenas Chiropractic, your trusted resource for chiropractic care in Rockland County. Under the leadership of Pearl River chiropractor Dr. Todd B. Askenas, our clinic provides individuals and families with a wide range of natural, alternative, health, wellness and physical rehabilitation services. Our success at helping patients with everything from herniated discs and sciatica to whiplash and sports injuries has secured our reputation as a provider of extremely safe and highly effective conservative care. We hope you'll take the time to view this website in detail and learn more about the many things we offer -- and we are confident you'll like what you see.

Get to Know Our Pearl River Chiropractor in Rockland County

Any chiropractic clinic stands or falls on the quality of its practitioners. Our Pearl River and Rockland Country chiropractor offers many years of extensive training and experience, especially in the field of sports injuries. As a member of the prestigious PGA Medical Staff, Dr. Askenas has treated many professional golfers in such major events as the Sanderson Farms Championship and the Shell Houston Open.  Dr. Askenas also serves on the Medical Staff at the Adirondack Ragnar and the Dew Tour - Brooklyn where he has treated many professional elite athletes. His detailed understanding of musculoskeletal function and human biomechanics enhances his value as a Pearl River chiropractor, not only for sports injuries, but also for the everyday health challenges we all face. You don't have to be an athlete to benefit from our combination of skill, expertise and compassionate one-to-one care!

Chiropractic Care for a Lifetime of Better Health

Our many services and techniques are suitable for all ages, addressing a broad range of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal problems. Many of these techniques reflect cutting-edge innovations in modern conservative care. Our Rockland County chiropractor can provide you and your loved ones with such helpful services as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to correct painful alignment problems in your vertebral joints
  • Spinal decompression to relieve nerve impingement and treat spinal disc disorders
  • Soft tissue techniques including Active Release Technique to treat muscle, tendon and ligament
  • Corrective techniques such as customized exercises, stretches, and specific core strengthening 
  • Physiotherapy and laser therapy to stimulate healing and reduce pain without drugs
  • Lifestyle advice and evaluations, including Golf Fitness Evaluations from our chiropractor in Pearl River

Many of these techniques complement each other to provide holistic or "whole body" benefits. Our chiropractor in Pearl River can develop a personalized health and healing strategy that combines several of these healing modalities, giving you a powerful push toward your desired health and fitness goals.

Our Rockland County Chiropractor Is Ready to Help You Heal

If you're in Pearl River, Montvale, Upper Saddle River, Woodcliff Lake, Nanuet, Blauvelt, Tappan or anywhere in Rockland County, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn more about the many ways our chiropractor in Rockland County can help you heal more thoroughly, experience less pain and enjoy a higher quality of life. Call (845) 735-3737 to set up an in-person visit to Askenas Chiropractic!

Improve Your Body... Improve Your Life!!

Dr. Todd Askenas
Pearl River Chiropractor | Askenas Chiropractic | (845) 735-3737

67 S. Main St.
Pearl River, NY 10965

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Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Todd Askenas

    Dr. Todd Askenas has been freeing people from pain for over 29 years. Dr. Askenas says, “My goal is to help people get well as quickly as possible and to teach them how to maintain their newfound wellness.'

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Review By Our Satisfied Patient

  • "I have been a patient at Askenas Chiropractic for 10+ years. Over the years I have recommended several family and friends to Dr. Todd's practice. EVERY one of them has become a long term client. Dr. Todd is an absolute miracle worker and gets dramatic results in minimal time every time! He and his staff are ALWAYS extremely courteous and professional. I cannot say enough!"
    Michelle W.
  • "Nice, warm, helpful staff. A doctor who cares and listens to me and works on my problems - no hidden agenda. A very positive experience compared to many other doctors' offices. Highly recommend,especially for Fibromyalgia,myofascial issues. Very knowledgable."
    Sara K.
  • "Dr. Todd and his staff are always a pleasure. They are very welcoming and Dr. Todd always does a great job on making my back fell all better."
    Marianne B.
  • "It is fantastic to be able to walk in with a migraine and, within a few minutes, walk out without it. It's amazing what Dr. Todd can do. Thank you!"
    Denise L.
  • "Dr. Askenas's cheerful attitude only adds to the wonderful chiropractic care provided. And the competent and helpful office staff ensures a positive visit at every appointment."
  • "They're always the best & only chiropractic treatment that I've received since 1987."
    Francesca D.
  • "Dr. Askenas is a thoroughly trained and experienced chiropractor. He is up-to-date on the latest information in chiropractic medicine. His diagnostic abilities are outstanding! His staff and office are very pleasant and extremely accommodating to their patients."
    Marjorie M.
  • "Everyone was very nice and helpful. I would recommend Todd Askenas to anyone that needs help with Chiropractic care. Thanks again."
    Austin F.
  • "Because he is tuned in to each individual as an separate unit. He listens, evaluates and takes the individual person into consideration before attempting treatment. I have been with him since he started in Pearl River and have had the pleasure of watching him grow as a professional. He can think outside of the box. I would not think of seeing any other chiropractor."
  • "I'm an athlete and have used Todd for sports related injuries. He is great and helps get me back on the court. The ART treatments are amazing and speed up the recovery process. I highly recommend Todd and his staff who are friendly and helpful."
    Taylor C.
  • "Have been a patient of Askenas Chiropractic for close to 20 years back in the day when Todd was probably in school. The team is very professional and helpful. They all try their best to accommodate patients. If you are in pain they will see you ASAP. Service with a smile!"
    Barbara B.
  • "My back went out the other day, As always Todd and his staff were there to get me in to the office, treat my injury and put me on the road to recovery."
    Ira S.
  • "Dr. Todd's diagnostic capabilities and the services he provides are incomparable. He greets every patient with a smile and is ready to listen -- a rarity these days. His office staff is also very pleasant and easy to work with."
  • "I can't say enough good things about the care I receive from Dr. Askenas! No matter how much pain I walk in with, I know when I walk out I will be on my way to feeling much better. The adjustments and ART have enabled me to continue with my active lifestyle. Debbie at the front desk is a pleasure as well!"
    Karen K.
  • "Dr Askenas was very accommodating and fit me right in on a Saturday morning when I was in severe discomfort. His manner is extremely friendly and professional and had me feeling better after just 1 visit."
    David S.
  • "I was battling with a shoulder pain and did not even expect Dr. Askenas to even take me in for such an injury and just wanted to get a recommendation for any orthopedic doctors he knew. He told me to come and have a look first and within just one visit and him working on certain pressure points and using certain techniques the next day the shoulder felt 50 percent better. I am a long distance triathlete and this is the guy to go to for any kind of sport injury's. Thank you very much for your help."
    Kirinkos T.
  • "Dr. Todd is amazing! He is one of the few Chiropractic specialists that I've ever trusted to adjust my neck. His technique, professionalism, and understanding of an individual's plan of treatment is superior. I've personally have been incapable of playing volleyball secondary to a cervical injury and his ability to perform cervical spinal decompression, active release therapy and much more has given me back my life and I'm back on the courts at the age of 39! I rate Dr. Todd a 10!"
    Kim D.
  • "I had injured my lower back and was in severe pain for over 6 weeks. I had gone to another chiropractor who was of no help...and had just about decided to pursue injections with an MD. A friend recommended Todd and I decided to give it one more chance. In a short time, my pain was alleviated and was back to playing paddleball. Todd is knowledgeable, competent, caring, professional and I would highly recommend him!"
    Steve K.
  • "Both my family and I use Askenas Chiropractic. This small office provides the perfect balance and equilibrium between Professionalism as well as Intimacy. It is evident that they are knowledge and skilled in field. They work with you on your personal needs and make you feel welcomed."
  • "Thank goodness for Dr. Todd !! Following a car accident, last week, I knew he would help give my body a faster recovery rate. His chiropractic skills are both gentle & effective. I rely on him & his staff to make the whole process easier so I can return to normal healthy, living. I would always recommend Dr. Todd to anyone who wants to feel and live better."
    Karen R.
  • "Todd Askenas is the best chiropractor in rockland county. i have had a few problems in the last year and a half and he always comes through for me. not only are his adjustments great but he also uses a technique (few in the area do it and do it as well) A.R.T. and though sometimes painful, incredibly healing. go Dr. Todd!!"
    Leora M.
  • "I had reached a plateau after months of P.T. After one session increase in range of motion was remarkable."
    John L.
  • "I wanted to express a sincere thank you for assisting me at a time when I had significant pain that needed to be addressed on that snowstorm day. Your office team took great care of me and I am grateful. They are a true reflection of of you Todd - a caring doctor seeing that the appropriate care is presented. You're the best!!"
    Len S.
  • "You have a new fan! Thank you so much for your kind attention and healing hands; I am out of pain and feeling so much better. I don't know why I was ever so hesitant to explore chiropractic treatment. Your sense of humor took me over the edge and I placed my confidence in you I'm so glad I did! God bless you and your wonderful staff."
    Angela V.
  • "I walked into the office in such pain and walked out feeling almost all better. I learned a lot about my spine and exercises to strengthen it. Thank you."
    Maria F. (Nanuet, NY)

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